Why Mobile Marketing?

 Mobile Marketing is just that… Mobile. Anytime, anywhere – communicate with your customers on their most personal device, and the one thing they never leave home without... their cell phone.


Did you know:


  • Over 98% of the 260 million mobile phones in use in the United States alone are SMS (Text message) capable?


  • Or that 97% of the 84 billion text messages sent a month are opened and read within 4 minutes of receipt?


  • Over 80% of people ages 18 to 29 use text messaging


  • There are over 5 billion mobile users (3x that of the internet and this number keeps growing!)


  • A person’s cell phone is rarely more than 3 feet from them at ANY time. Even during sleep!


With stats like these, it goes without saying that if text marketing isn't already a vital component of your organization's marketing strategy, it should be. There is no better way to deliver timely, relevant marketing messages to your customers and drive increased revenue for your company than with a text marketing campaign?


From mobile coupons and QR codes that drive traffic to your brand, to contests, polls, and interactive messages via text. From mobile alerts to let your customer know it's time for your special event, or sale…to getting more information to your customers on your product or service

anytime, anywhere…text marketing can and will help you drive more traffic in the door (on demand), and more sales into your register.


Until now, email and direct mail were the only channels capable of leveraging your customer databases for targeted communications. With

e-mail read rates for marketers down to as low as 5% and the high-costs and long lead times associated with direct mail (not to mention direct mail’s dismal 1.5% response rates), Text Marketing offers a MUCH more efficient and effective channel to identify, attract, and reward your most valued customers.


To give you an idea how much more, Text Marketing has an incredible open rate of 97% (opened in 4 minutes or less), and response rates as high as 35%.


Bottom line, do you want a maximum of 1 or 2 people out of every 100 responding to your marketing efforts (what you get with print/email)…or do you want to use mobile marketing to get up to 35 people per 100 walking into your door with your offer in one hand and their credit card in the other ready to purchase?


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